We were thrilled to be invited to plant trees with the students of our local Westburn School! We made a donation to the school earlier this year, for the development of the student’s outdoor education areas.  Through our and others’ contributions, they have started creating these areas… and they are looking amazing. Supporting local isRead more

Celebrating Success: Raising $2055 for Westburn School through Our Awesome Raffle!

Celebrating Success: Raising $2055 for Westburn School through Our Awesome Raffle! Hey there! We have some seriously exciting news to share – our fundraising raffle for Westburn School was a success, and we raised a whopping $2055! Can you believe it? The school was over the moon, and we are grinning from ear to earRead more

Join Our Raffle to Support Westburn Middle School’s New Native Landscaped Area

We are excited to announce that we are hosting a raffle to raise funds for Westburn School’s new native landscaped area. This project aims to create a beautiful and functional space where middle school children can relax, reflect, and work. By participating in our raffle, you not only stand a chance to win some fantasticRead more

Supporting Local Talent: Sakeri Parnell’s Promising Tennis Journey

At First National Progressive, we believe in the power of supporting local talent. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Sakeri Parnell, a young and promising tennis player who has the opportunity to showcase his skills in prestigious tournaments held in New Zealand and Australia this year. We invite you to join us inRead more

Pink Ribbon Morning Tea: A Heartwarming Success in Support of Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

This year, the team at First National Progressive organised an event to support the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. With a profound commitment to the cause, the team took the initiative to hold a Pink Ribbon morning tea, which not only brought joy to the participants but also raised funds through generous donations. In addition, theRead more

Celebrating Creativity: The Annual Easter Colouring Competition at Westburn School

At the heart of our commitment to supporting our local community, we at First National Progressive take immense pleasure in organising our annual Easter Colouring Competition for the talented students of Westburn School in Ilam. This year marked the seventh consecutive year of this beloved tradition, and it was truly a celebration of creativity andRead more

Hop into Easter Fun with Our Local Community Businesses!

This Easter we decided to embrace the festive spirit and support our local community. We were excited to run an Easter competition that brings together three beloved businesses in our area: Meat at Millers, Daydream Cafe, and Village Bakehouse Ilam. Our community were asked to guess which local businesses our Easter Bunny visited for aRead more

Embracing Sustainability and Empowering Abilities: Using Will & Able

At First National Progressive we believe in supporting businesses that make a positive impact on society and the environment. That’s why we are proud to support Will & Able, a remarkable New Zealand company dedicated to supporting people with disabilities. With their commitment to inclusivity and sustainability, Will & Able aligns perfectly with our values.Read more

Spreading Joy Through Giving: Our Annual Tradition of the Giving Tree

Every year, as the holiday season approaches, our community and team eagerly come together to participate in a heartwarming initiative—the Giving Tree for the Christchurch City Mission. With so much need in Christchurch, we have made it our mission to bring smiles to children’s faces and provide support to those who require it most. TheRead more

Making a Difference on Earth Day: A Park Cleanup in Ray Blanc Park

Earth Day is an annual reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and taking action to protect our planet. This year, our team decided to make a meaningful contribution to our community by organising a park cleanup event at our local Ray Blanc Park. This blog post recounts our experience and highlights the positive impactRead more

Movember: Our Team’s Third Year of Making a Difference

Movember NZ, an annual campaign held during November, has become a cherished tradition for the guys in our team. With great enthusiasm, they participated in growing moustaches of all shapes and sizes to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues. In 2022, our team’s efforts raised $2,286, a testament to the collective spirit andRead more

Volunteering at Christchurch City Mission Food Bank: A Fulfilling and Fun Experience

At our First National Progressive, we believe in giving back to the community and supporting local causes. Recently, our team had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at the Christchurch City Mission Food Bank. This organisation plays a vital role in providing food assistance to those in need within our community. Our experience was not onlyRead more