At the heart of our commitment to supporting our local community, we at First National Progressive take immense pleasure in organising our annual Easter Colouring Competition for the talented students of Westburn School in Ilam. This year marked the seventh consecutive year of this beloved tradition, and it was truly a celebration of creativity and youthful imagination. We are thrilled to share the highlights of this wonderful event and showcase the extraordinary talents displayed by the participating children.

A Canvas of Creativity:

The premise of the Easter Colouring Competition is simple yet captivating: the students are tasked with designing their own Easter egg. This allows their artistic abilities to take flight as they explore their creativity, experiment with colors, and let their imaginations run wild. The entries we received were nothing short of spectacular, each one reflecting the unique style and personality of its creator.

An Unenviable Task:

Judging the submissions was no easy feat. The quality of the artwork was exceptional, and the level of talent displayed by the Westburn School students was awe-inspiring. Our entire team was involved in the judging process, carefully evaluating each entry based on originality, artistic technique, and overall visual impact. The passion and dedication evident in every submission made it an incredibly difficult task to select the winners.

Celebrating the Winners:

The excitement and anticipation leading up to the announcement of the competition winners were palpable. Finally, after much deliberation, we arrived at the names of the talented young artists who stood out from the rest. James Mullins and Angie Campbell had the honour of attending the school’s assembly to present the winners with their well-deserved certificates.

Rewarding Excellence:

In addition to the certificates, each winner was also awarded a special prize – a book voucher. We believe in nurturing not only artistic talent but also a love for learning and exploration. The book vouchers serve as a token of our appreciation for their outstanding efforts and as an incentive to continue pursuing their passions.

A Heartwarming Tradition:

The annual Easter Colouring Competition at Westburn School has become an eagerly anticipated event, both for the students and for our entire organisation. It allows us to support the local community, engage with the school, and witness the incredible talent that flourishes within its walls. Seeing the joy and excitement on the children’s faces as they discover the results is a truly heartwarming experience.


The 7th Annual Easter Colouring Competition at Westburn School was a resounding success, showcasing the remarkable creativity and artistic skills of the participating students. We are honored to play a part in fostering their talents and supporting our local school community. The competition not only brings joy and excitement to the children but also serves as a reminder of the power of creativity and the importance of nurturing young minds. We look forward to continuing this tradition in the years to come and witnessing the extraordinary talent that emerges each time.