Guide to making your own raised garden bed

From cost savings to mental and physical health benefits, gardening can bring about an abundance of benefits not only to your backyard and back pocket. Here, we break down how to go from ground to greatness with your very own raised garden bed. Store-bought produce comes with increasingly eye-watering price tags, gardening is good forRead more

Tricks, treats and sweets – how to get in the Halloween spirit!

As the most Spooktacular time of the year approaches, it’s time to get planning. We’ve got all the inspiration you need for decorating your home, spookifying yourself and planning a nightmarish night in. With the globalisation of media and popular culture, October 31st is now firmly embedded in calendars internationally as a time to getRead more

A Night of Celebration: First National Gem Awards 2023

The First National Gem Awards 2023 took centre stage at the new Te Pae Conference Centre in Christchurch. It was a night filled with excitement, anticipation, and above all, celebration. As we gathered to honour the remarkable achievements of our team, it was evident that we are not just an organisation; we are a familyRead more


The below offers a glimpse into the rich history and diverse rental property landscape of Christchurch. From historic architecture to modern innovations, the city’s rental properties have evolved to meet the changing needs and preferences of its residents.   Early European Settlement: Christchurch was established by English settlers in the mid-19th century. Many of theRead more


5 Common mistakes private landlords make Many private landlords make common mistakes that can lead to costly consequences down the line. In this information, we will discuss the most common mistakes landlords make and offer insights on how to avoid them, including potential fines for non-compliance. 1. Neglecting Property Maintenance Failure to regularly inspect andRead more

Our 2023 Styling forecast for Spring

The sun-kissed days of spring are on the horizon, so it’s time to shake off the winter blues and embrace some fresh home styling to propel you into spring! Here, we cover nine of the latest trends coming our way this spring 2023 and look at clever ways to incorporate them into your home. September;Read more


Managing Rental Properties in New Zealand: A Day in the Life of a First National Progressive Property Manager   Being a First National Progressive property manager comes with a wide range of responsibilities. From managing tenancies and rent collection to handling maintenance requests and ensuring compliance with legislation.  Our property managers play a crucial roleRead more


We spend an estimated 40 days of our lives opening and closing window shades, 61-69 days vacuuming, and waste on average half of the electricity that enters our home. But all of this could be about to change. Smart home appliances and devices are here to shake things up, freeing us from the mundane andRead more


Sustaining the health of our planet should be high on our priority list, and we can all contribute, as together we can make a big difference. We’ve prepared 8 easy changes you can make to be more environmentally friendly and make a positive impact on the planet. As it’s our only home and the sourceRead more


From passive income to appreciation, stable cash flow, tax advantages and leverage, investing in property is widely regarded as a dependable means to build wealth, which is why it’s become a bit of a national obsession. But finding the right property to tick the boxes and having a solid understanding of the intricacies of propertyRead more


HOW TO CREATE A HOUSEPLANT HAVEN AT HOME! Indoor plants. They beautify a space and are proven to deliver some profound health benefits. But not all of us are natural plant parents. Here, we let you in on the seven secrets to creating a luscious indoor jungle. From the health benefits like improved air qualityRead more

5 Reasons why you need a property manager

If you’re a property owner, you have two options when it comes to managing your rental properties. You can choose to manage them yourself, or you can hire a property manager to do it for you. While managing your properties yourself might seem like a good idea, there are many reasons why you should considerRead more

9 styling tips for a chic festive season

It’s once again the most wonderful time of the year, full of colour, happiness, love, laughter, gifts, and special moments with loved ones. For some, it’s a stressful time of year with all the buying of gifts. For others, buying gifts early and getting into the Christmas spirit is something they look forward to –Read more

Save money & the environment with a more efficient home

Inflation is up, and with it, so is the cost of living – so most households are making every dollar stretch a little further. And while the discounts might be obvious when you swap one brand of cheese for another, there are even bigger savings to be made, right at home. With a house that’sRead more

The Sales Market – are we out the other side?

During 2022 we have moved rapidly from booming house prices, and high demand, through to low demand and falling prices – but are we now out the other side and growing again already? The media, yes the same ones who’ve been reporting that the market won’t bottom out until 2024, have just started to figureRead more

Get your home market ready with these spring cleaning tips

Get your home market ready with these spring cleaning tips Spring sunshine is finally here and with it comes the sometimes dreaded and sometimes eagerly anticipated annual spring clean! It’s a time to shake off the figurative and literal cobwebs, declutter, and give your home a once-over from top to bottom. And while spring andRead more

We have NZ’s most satisfied customers

Buying or selling a home is among the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make, so you’ll want the best service, advice and value for money possible. So, which real estate agents are moving Kiwis in the right direction, and which should be packing their bags? To find out which real estate agents are rated highestRead more

I Choose to be that Person

I Choose to be that Person… What person is that you will ask? Oh, you know the one… The barista in the local café who looks you in the eye and smiles with their eyes behind their mask when you order your flat white with trim milk.  Or… – The one working in the supermarketRead more

Real Estate – A Career Choice

At First National Progressive we are finding we are now very much an “attraction” agency as we have a growing number of quality people joining our team of professional consultants – some completely new to the industry and some making a shift from other companies as they are wanting a real experience working with aRead more