For the eighth consecutive year, First National Progressive has had the pleasure of hosting the much-loved Annual Easter Colouring Competition for our local Westburn School. And let me tell you, it’s a burst of colour, creativity, and pure imagination!

The children decorate plain paper eggs, the only rule is to use your imagination!  They can use any material or colouring style, they just let their creativity go.  They transform them into vibrant masterpieces, each one showcasing the creativity of each child. From swirling rainbows to whimsical patterns, this year we even had dragons, bees, a spider and a very clever 3D bunny popping out of the egg, there’s no end to what these budding artists can dream up.

Our team had a lot of fun & deliberation voting for the winners, and this year was a tough call.  So not only was there a winner from each Year group… but with so many talented entries we had to add a couple of extra prizes for highly commended.

James Mullins and Angie Campbell were invited to the school assembly to announce the winners,  The prizes are exciting, with certificates and book vouchers for the winners. It’s not just about the prize though; we love seeing the smiles on the children’s faces and hearing them cheer when we call out their names at the assembly.  James & Angie always look forward to this day every year.

Our commitment to the school doesn’t stop there.  As a team, we all believe in ensuring that children have the best opportunities. So over the years, we have also provided supermarket vouchers to ensure no child misses out on breakfast or lunch and support those who may not otherwise have the means to participate in school activities.

It’s moments like these that remind us why we do what we do. Seeing the joy on the children’s faces, the sense of accomplishment in their eyes – that’s what it’s all about. So here’s to another year of creativity, community, and possibilities. Until next time, keep those crayons scribbling and those imaginations soaring!