Agents, Branch Managers and Salespersons licensed (“Licensee”) under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 (‘the Act”) have in addition to various other requirements of the Act, a duty of professional care and conduct.

In the event that any prospective client, client or customer feels they have not received the level of professional conduct judiciously required by a Licensee then they have the right to address those concerns with the Licensee or with the Real Estate Authority; or both.

First National Group NZ Limited In-house Complaints Process

Members of the First National Group of independently owned real estate offices have established an in-house complaints process in accordance with the requirements of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 – Professional Conduct and Client Care Rules.

Click here to make a formal email complaint to our Managing Director.

Information about the complaints process is available along with a complaint form >> click here for more information

Complaints in relation to a Licensee should be directed, in the first instance to the relevant office of such Licensee and can be made either directly in person or in writing via e-mail or post; or online.

Complaints relating to a Licensee can also be directed to the National Office of First National Group NZ Limited and must be made in writing to the General Manager

New Zealand Manager
c/-  First National Group NZ Limited
PO Box 11575
Auckland 1542


Making a complaint through the Real Estate Authority (“REA”)

A Licensee must ensure that prospective clients, clients and customers are aware that they may access the REA’s complaints process without first using the in-house procedures and that any use of the in-house procedures does not preclude their making a complaint to the REA.

Complaints in respect of a License directed to the REA can be made via the following:

The Real Estate Authority
c/- PO Box 25-063
Wellington 6146