Movember NZ, an annual campaign held during November, has become a cherished tradition for the guys in our team. With great enthusiasm, they participated in growing moustaches of all shapes and sizes to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues. In 2022, our team’s efforts raised $2,286, a testament to the collective spirit and dedication we have towards this important cause.

Embracing the Moustache Journey:

The journey to growing moustaches during Movember is filled with excitement and challenges. From the early stages of itchiness and scratchiness to the glorious handlebar moustaches, our team members embark on a month-long transformation that sparks conversations, raises eyebrows, and spreads awareness. While each moustache is unique and reflects the individuality of its wearer, they all share a common purpose: to ignite discussions about men’s health and encourage proactive steps towards well-being.

Making a Difference:

Movember is more than just a fun and playful event for our team. It serves as a platform to raise much-needed funds for crucial men’s health initiatives, including mental health support, prostate cancer research, and suicide prevention. Through our participation, we aim to combat stigmas surrounding these issues and ensure that men feel supported and empowered to seek help when needed.

Three Years of Dedication:

2022 marked our team’s third consecutive year participating in Movember NZ, and the experience has only grown more meaningful with each passing year. We have witnessed the impact of our collective efforts, both in terms of the funds raised and the conversations sparked within our community. By consistently engaging in this campaign, we have become advocates for men’s health, actively working towards fostering a culture of open dialogue and support.

A Fun-Filled Campaign:

Movember is not only about raising awareness and funds – it’s also about having fun and celebrating the camaraderie within our team. From sharing grooming tips and comparing moustache progress to organising fundraising events and competitions, our Movember journey is filled with laughter, encouragement, and a sense of unity. Together, we embrace the challenge of growing moustaches and embrace the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of men everywhere.


Year after year, our team eagerly participates in Movember NZ, raising the bar for both fundraising efforts and moustache-growing prowess. As we look forward to future Movember campaigns, we remain committed to championing men’s health, embracing the fun and camaraderie that accompanies the journey, and making a lasting difference in the lives of men in our community and beyond.