Buying or selling a home is among the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make, so you’ll want the best service, advice and value for money possible. So, which real estate agents are moving Kiwis in the right direction, and which should be packing their bags?

To find out which real estate agents are rated highest across New Zealand, Canstar Blue surveyed New Zealand adults who had employed an agent in their area over the last three years, whether it related to the buying or selling of a property, lease management or renting.

The research showed First National was a clear leader in an industry in which customers could be difficult to impress. ‘The real estate industry is full of tension, with major life decisions being made, huge sums of money changing hands, and intense pressure throughout the process’ said Jose George, Canstar New Zealand’s General Manager.

‘To be recognised by customers as offering the very best service across concerns such as communication, value, and contracts is certainly an achievement to be proud of. It’s a difficult industry to navigate and First National are clearly doing a lot right by their customers. We congratulate them for their success.’

Communication & Advice
You can only make the best financial decisions when you have all of the facts at hand, and you’ll only have all of the facts if your agent does their job properly and keeps you in the loop. First National Real Estate achieved a five-star rating in the area of communication and advice.

Problem Resolution
You learn a lot about agents when they’re under pressure. Problems are sometimes unavoidable in the fast-moving world of real estate, whether it’s a buyer pulling out of a deal, or unruly tenants forgoing their rent – estate agents are in the thick of it on an almost daily basis. Only First National Real Estate achieved a five-star rating from its customers in the area of problem resolution.

Value For Money
If you want great service and advice, you’ll obviously have to pay for it. Canstar Blue didn’t compare who provides the cheapest real estate services, but instead who offers the best overall value for your money! First National Real Estate was amongst the few firms to be highly rated in this area.

Marketing (Accuracy & Effectiveness)
You can only sell your home or find a new tenant if your agent or property manager is able to successfully get the message out there. Marketing is a crucial aspect of these particular services, so you’ll need your agent to put their money where their mouth is. Once again, Canstar Blue ranked First National Real Estate highly.

Financial Paperwork/Contract Handling
No deal is done until you sign on the dotted line. Taking care of the contracts associated with your sale or tenancy is arguably the most important thing a real estate agent has to do – mistakes are not an option! This involves communicating the finer details to all parties concerned and ensuring everyone is happy before proceeding. First National Real Estate rated five stars for contract handling.

‘Our commitment to our customers, both past and present, is that we will continue to strive to be better every day,’ says First National NZ Chairman Joe Mullins.

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