I Choose to be that Person…
What person is that you will ask?
Oh, you know the one… The barista in the local café who looks you in the eye and smiles with their eyes behind their mask when you order your flat white with trim milk.  Or…
– The one working in the supermarket who helps you to find the maple syrup after you have gone up and down the aisles five times.
– The guy at the end of the phone when you call to explain that a mistake has been made in your order and who right away apologizes and offers to make it right with an unexpected and generous offer to make the poor experience completely disappear.
– The employee at the hardware store who says that your recent purchase looks awfully heavy and offers to carry it for you to your car.
– The practise nurse at your Medical Centre who gives you a call out of the blue just to check on you and to see how you are recuperating from your recent illness.
– The bank teller who helps you with the task at hand and then says, “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”
I recently have experienced all these things, and each little experience made me smile and feel better about my day.  So, I got to thinking about what the common denominators were here?

  • Smiles
  • Eye contact
  • Going the extra mile
  • Doing the unexpected
  • Listening to your needs
  • Treating you with kindness and respect
  • Leaving you feeling better for the experience

How did these simple things make me feel better about my day?
We could package this all together and call this customer experience or customer service, but I like to think of this as Caring Communication.
All these things are easy to do, they are in fact free.  They come at no extra cost in time or money to the person or the company.  So why doesn’t everyone do these simple things?
Covid has unfortunately had a side effect of bringing out the “Irritability” in many of us and that is understanding to a point.
We are told to “Be Kind” but many of us are getting a bit over that to a point too.  It has been a tough couple of years for everybody.
At the end of the day, isn’t it all about how we feel and how we make others feel?
Before we can give to others though, we need to give and nurture ourselves.  I have recently really discovered the true meaning of this after an unexpected illness.  It has forced me to stop and really concentrate on myself, my self-worth & made me take notice and joy out of the little things.
Working in real estate, we are in the selling business, but way before that we are in the people business.
Achieving great results for our clients starts with caring communication.  Going the extra mile with our sellers and purchasers to make the whole customer service experience one to remember in an unconditionally positive way.
Caring communication is simple, once you are looking after yourself & believing in yourself, these things will come easily to you.
I recently found these words about self worth by Nikki Banas while scrolling through Facebook, they really resonated with me and thought they might help you too.
“The only one who gets to decide your worth is you.  It doesn’t come from your bank account or the number of friends you have.  It doesn’t come from what someone else says you are worth.  It’s called self worth for a reason – it comes from you.  It comes from being yourself and being proud of who you are.  It comes from being someone that you can count on and someone you love.  The numbers will change with time, but what won’t change is who you are deep inside – beautiful, limitless, wonderful, creative, strong, capable – and that is where your worth comes from”

Sue Mullins
Sales Consultant & Business owner