Celebrating Success: Highlights from the First National NZ Conference

I would like to take a moment to revisit the memorable moments on our recent journey at the First National NZ Conference. The theme of the whole conference was ‘Advance to Go’ based on Monopoly. Join me as I reflect on the laughter, learnings, and sense of connection that defined this special experience. Held earlier this month the team journeyed to New Plymouth in high spirits anticipating a fabulous few days connecting with our team and the network.

Monopoly Magic:  Night one… Decked out as convicts, with yours truly assuming the role of the ever-watchful police, our team certainly drew some attention. The Monopoly themed, fancy dress dinner was filled with fun and laughter, with our team earning an honourable mention for our creative costumes. It was a night where team spirit was high, setting the stage for the festivities that followed. An auction was held for our First National Foundation and we raised $2500 for charity.

Gala GEM Awards: The National GEM Awards were undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Conference, adding a touch of elegance to our experience, as we gathered to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our team members. It was a night of recognition and pride, reminding us of the strength and unity within the First National Network. The atmosphere was incredible with over 200 delegates dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate success.   We were fortunate to have received several awards for our office, from Nathan Hill’s prestigious title of NZ Property Manager of the Year and my (Angie Campbell) recognition among the top Administrators of the Year to our office award for NZ Top Property Management Growth.  Our sales agents didn’t miss out, with James and Lynette receiving the Emerald Sales Award and Sue & Karen the Sapphire Award.

Inspirational Insights:  From speakers like Jason Gunn and Wade Jackson, we gained valuable insights that left a lasting impression. Jason Gunn’s message about the importance of being present resonated deeply, while Wade Jackson, renowned for his expertise in Neuroscience and Psychology, shared enlightening wisdom on the inner workings of our brains, providing practical strategies for personal and professional development.

Industry Enlightenment: Ashley Church’s discussion on the housing crisis sparked meaningful conversations and Justin Smith’s presentation, ‘Lessons of a Lifetime in Social Media,’ offered invaluable insights from one of New Zealand’s largest broadcasters on navigating the dynamic landscape of social media.

Tech Talk:  The conference sponsors, including TradeMe, MRI VaultRE, and Core Logic, offered invaluable insights and technology tips. Their contributions equipped us with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the ever changing real estate landscape.

Empowering Sessions:  A highlight was the session with self-defence expert Phil Thompson of Protect, underpinning the importance of listening to our inner voice and trusting our gut instincts. In an industry where intuition plays a crucial role, this session served as a powerful reminder of our inherent strength and resilience.

Strength in Collaboration:  As a cooperative, First National exemplifies the essence of collaboration, uniting real estate companies under a common vision of excellence. The conference served as a testament to the power of collective effort and shared success.

Bonding Beyond Borders:  Before saying goodbye to New Plymouth, our team embarked on a 10km walk along the shore, a fitting conclusion to our journey. It was a chance to unwind, bond and reflect on the experiences shared during the conference.

Driving Innovation:  Armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration, each of us is committed to driving innovation within our respective roles. From streamlining procedures to prioritising face-to-face interactions with clients, we are poised to elevate our service to new heights.

Smooth Sailing:  With no major challenges encountered, the conference was a seamless blend of excitement, learning, and celebration, a testament to the meticulous planning and dedication of the head office team. Kudos to them for orchestrating a conference that was informative, enjoyable, and filled with valuable information. It was a true celebration of our collective achievements and a testament to the strength of our network.

Reflections & Revelations:

I am still buzzing from the incredible experience at the First National NZ Conference. It was nothing short of amazing, filled with laughter, learning and some unforgettable moments.

We celebrated our achievements alongside industry luminaries – every moment was filled to the brim. Each session left me feeling inspired and eager to implement new ideas, and we learnt practical strategies for personal and professional development.

As we boarded the flight home, a quiet sense of reflection filled the air. Exhausted after three days of non-stop activity, the entire team was feeling the effects of our journey. Yet, amidst the fatigue, we carried with us invaluable lessons, cherished memories and newfound connections.

Angie Campbell  |  Marketing & Admin Manager


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