At First National Progressive we are finding we are now very much an “attraction” agency as we have a growing number of quality people joining our team of professional consultants – some completely new to the industry and some making a shift from other companies as they are wanting a real experience working with a team who are positive, ethical and willing to share and help their fellow team members.
We have had to rethink our open plan layout in our modern and well positioned premises and have recently created office spaces primarily for those who have chosen to work not as individual sales consultants but as a team of two or more.
You will have no doubt seen this trend.  It can be a win win situation for all concerned. Real estate is a 24/7 business and can soon take its toll on those that work to the max and try to be all things to all people. The client of course can benefit too by having a specific team of professionals working on their behalf with no increases in the fee that is charged.
Astute consultants working this way will ensure they have a spread of expertise on their team to work for the combined benefit of all.
Let’s take a step back to ask the question – what attributes make for a successful sales consultant?
In the years I have been involved in the industry I have always stressed to those thinking of taking the leap into selling property, that it is not about the bricks and mortar at all but all about the people. If you are not interested in people and listening to their needs then my advice is to not consider real estate at all.
There are many other important characteristics:
Being a self starter is incredibly important. You may have left a nine to five job with a detailed job description and your day pretty much mapped out for you. All of a sudden, when you enter real estate you have the day, week and month stretching out before you with no absolute specific plan. Those that listen to the successful ones in the industry quickly develop a business plan and timetable for the key components of the role.
Most sales roles have a product that you are provided with. If you are in retail – the stock is usually on the shelf. If you are selling vacuum cleaners door to door – the product is provided and the knowledge of the product is of course essential. In real estate, to a large degree, YOU are initially the product. You need to sell YOU. Every time you present a market appraisal, you are effectively going for a job interview and if you are successful, you will have the product in the way of the property to market and sell.
This is why, to succeed in real estate long term, you will always be learning and sharpening your people skills and industry knowledge to be the true professional that this industry rewards very well.
The two E words I believe are critically important.  Energy and Enthusiasm and I have never seen a truly successful salesperson who does not have high doses of both of these.
Confidence and a high sense of urgency flow on from these characteristics as well.
The initial sales certificate to make a start in real estate is now not for the faint hearted. It covers a wide range of topics from legislation to marketing and negotiation skills.
I hope this insight may be helpful to any one of you considering a career in real estate or those already in the industry looking for more from their current employer. We are always open to meeting with you for a confidential chat.
It is a fascinating career choice where no two days are ever the same and you have control over your level of success and your subsequent rewards.

Sue Mullins | Business Owner & Sales Consultant
027 244 1325