Property management is a service industry.
Let me tell you about my team. Nathan is super organised, and a list maker and he delights in crossing things off with colours that make up a system that he understands at a glance. He does what he says he will do, his emails are always up to date and calls always answered, even when he may be in a hospital with someone he loves.
Ellie is the epitome of friendly professionalism. I have not once seen her riled, no matter what gets thrown at her. She calmly finds a solution and actions it immediately. Her emails and calls are always answered, and she keeps on top of absolutely everything.
Vanessa manages her own portfolio successfully, and she is also an incredible resource and has the back of every team member here. Vanessa has gone from strength to strength and will drop everything at a moments notice to help a team member.
Joanne has taken on the most challenging of portfolios – by choice – and she loves it. Jo loves people and loves resolving issues and making her clients happy. Where others may see hard work, Jo sees opportunities and approaches it with passion and vision.
Andrew is the techno wizard and excels at efficiency, all things compliance wise, and document orientated and despite being a man, multi tasks beautifully.
Kylie is the queen of courageous conversations, her knowledge and compassion balanced with her integrity is building trust from the day she started with her clients. Kylie digs deep to get to the bottom of every issue that comes up, so she understands the history and context of what is before her now.
Why do I tell you these things? Well, the truth is, I don’t know if people pause and think about the person on the other end of the phone now adays. These people come in here day after day because they care. They genuinely care and want you, their clients to be happy. They find helping people rewarding. They work within the parameters of the law, company policies, the owners’ instructions, and the tenants’ requests.
They do it all with a smile and they genuinely just want to be successful, because if they are successful, you, their clients are happy. Property management is not for the faint hearted. We need back bones of steel, but hearts that are huge, we need to balance empathy with strength. Friendship with professionalism, we need to dig deep and find the courage to continually look at the bigger picture, when the person we are dealing with is losing the plot and a situation is quickly escalating. To deal with grief, some truly disturbing situations, and to take the insults and hard words that are really just a result of someone else’s actions and not react with anything other than polite, firm calming words.
But some days on behalf of our OUTSTANDING staff, I just want to say, if you are unhappy with something, how about we just start with a simple conversation. I promise you; they are all happy to help and don’t need words that my mother would “clutch her pearls” over, slung carelessly at them.
We are – after all – in a Service Industry. We want to be of service to you.