Winter is just around the corner but you want to hold on to the long evenings, sun & fresh air.  Around this time of year, I always get itchy feet, wanting new places, new challenges, something new… is it the same for you?  I love a fresh start.
​Let’s just say I may have brought and sold a few times in my life and I find it exhilarating.  Finding your new dream home is just ahhhhhhhhh.  A new home is a journey and it is easy to get a little waylaid by not starting at the beginning.  Most people get a little stuck on the buying part first.  Happily collecting the shiny Real estate papers on the weekend, trolling through the multiple property websites looking for the perfect house or best buy – who can blame them.  It really is the fun part the anticipation of finding that dream house!

So I would say Buying is the biggest distraction in selling.  Weekends spent at open homes when you could be at home preparing your home for sale.

Getting started on the ‘selling’ journey, preparing your home for sale can be tedious and sometimes it is all just too hard … which is why the average person only sells once every 9/10 years!

‘sigh’ where do you start!

I would say the best thing to do is make a start.  Do something – even one thing to start preparing for Sale.

A great way to push go is to find an agent.  If you don’t already know one, ask around – can your friends recommend anyone.  Most will offer a free appraisal.

We too, offer free appraisals and can come to your home and give you direct advice on getting your home prepared for Sale.  They have a book which they will give you with lots of tips & tricks in it at the appraisal meeting.

Talk to anyone in Real Estate and they will say it is Location, Location, Location.  But there is no point being in the right location if your home is not presented in the right way.

So making a start… take a walk around the outside of your home, view it from the street, front, back, sides everywhere!  Does it make a good impression?  Could the trees do with a trim, gutters/windows cleaned?  Take the rose-tinted glasses off!  First impressions last so make sure your home makes a good one.

​Add a new pot plant at the front door, touch up the paint on the windowsills, put the rubbish bins away out of sight.  All these little things work wonders for your first impression, and don’t really have to take much effort.

While you are still outside check out your outdoor seating area, is it clean, is your outdoor furniture old?  If it is then borrow or buy something new – show the potential purchaser how they can enjoy the space.  You need to sell them the idea of their family enjoying the space.  Can they see themselves hosting summer BBQ’s, Christmas lunch or their son’s 21st?  If they can then your home will soon become their home.

You have to make it belong to them, make them envisage their things in the house.

I suggest having your friends come round, ask for their honest opinion – what do they see that you don’t.

So here’s the big one that most people object to, especially if you have lived in the home for a long time.   De-cluttering…  I know, I know they are your treasures, why can’t they just look past it, it should affect how people see my house?!   Well unfortunately it does.  Just think of it as packing up early, wrap up those family photos, put them in your draw or better yet in a packing box.

​My last piece of advice would be to look at your spare room, is it your office, gym or junk room.  Time to get those boxes out again!  Help potential buyers to see you home as a true 2,3 or 4 bedroom home.   Make it a real bedroom, put in a bed, nightstand and lamp.  If you have an office desk add a single bed in the room.

If you are still really struggling, you can hire someone to do it for you!  Use the likes of home stager’s, designers and even digital staging to enhance the presentation of your home.

Each house is individual, you may un-clutter your home just to have your agent say its not enough.  Don’t take it personally – they are on your side.

​We want you in that new dream home for the new year.  For more tips and tricks click here ​

Angie Campbell – Marketing Manager